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Battery is inspected on safety performances through compression test. Safety performance is testified only if there is no fire or explosion in test. This equipment is indispensable inspect device for battery manufactures and research institutes.

  1. MT/T 1051-2007≤矿灯用锂离子蓄电池-挤压试验≥
  2. UL 1642 安全标准《压缩测试》
  3. UL 2054 安全标准《压缩测试》
  4. GB/T 2900.11-1988 矿灯用锂离子蓄电池安全性能检验规范《挤压》
  5. YD 1268-2003 移动通信手持机锉电池及充电器的安全要求《耐挤压性能》
  6. SJ/T 11169-1998 锂电池标准《挤压试验》
  7. GB/T 8897.4-2002 原电池第4部分锂电池的安全要求《挤压》
  8. SJ/T 11170-1998 家用及商用电池安全标准《挤压》
  9. YDB 032-2009 通信用后备式锂离子电池组《抗挤压》
  10. QB/T 2502—2000 锂离子蓄电池总规范《挤压(内部短路)试验》
  1. MT/T 1051-2007 Compression test: Lithium-ion batteries for miner lamp;
  2. UL 1642 Compression test of Standard for Safety;
  3. UL 2054 Compression test of Standard for Safety;
  4. GB/T 2900.11-1988 Compression, safety inspection of lithium-ion batteries for miner lamp;
  5. YD 1268-2003 Compression-resistance performance, safety requirement of batteries and chargers for mobile handset;
  6. SJ/T 11169-1998 Compression test of lithium-ion battery standards;
  7. GB/T 8897.4-2002 Compression, safety requirement for lithium-ion in part 4, galvanic battery;
  8. SJ/T 11170-1998 Compression, safety standard for household and commercial batteries;
  9. YDB 032-2009 Compression resistance, lithium-ion battery for communication;
  10. QB/T 2502—2000 Compression test(internal short-circuit), general specification of lithium-ion batteries;
产品特点 Product Feature
  1. 电线外套均套有金属防火管,有效阻止电池试验过程着火而燃烧的现象;
  2. 装照明灯管,在外面可清楚看清工作室内情况;
  3. 挤压力量值250N~13KN可随意设置,满足不同标准要求;
  4. 装测试孔及补风口,补风口+排气扇会更有效将试验废气及气压迅速排除;测试孔提供试验者如想探测试验空间里的温度或气压而设计;
  5. 控制部分与试验箱采用分离形式,可在1~2米处操作,起到一定的安全措施。
  1. Electrical wire is sheathed in metal fire-retard tube, to prevent ignition caused by fire in battery test.
  2. Equipped with Lighting lamp, test area is visible from outside;
  3. Compression force can be set from 250N to 13KN, as per requirement in specific standard.
  4. Equipped with test hole and tuyere; Through tuyere and fan, exhaust gas is cleared out, and pressure equalized rapidly; Through Test hole, temperature and air pressure in test area can be measured easily.
  5. Controller device is detached from test chamber; As a safety measure, the equipment is operated 1-2 meters from the test chamber.
技术参数 Technical parameler:
压力(KN)Force (KN) 20
最大位移(mm)Max. Displacement(mm) 200、300、500
辅助功能(选配) Accessibility(optional) 电压、温度采集、视频监控系统、灭火系统、安全防爆系统、烟雾过滤系统 Voltage, temperature collection, video monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, explosion protection system, smoke filter system
挤压速度 Compression Speed 0~40mm/min (可调 adjustable)
测试空间(mm) Test Space(mm) 200x200x200mm、300x300x300mm (可按要求定制 Can customize according to requirement)
外形尺寸 External size W680xD570xH1740mm
选配标准 Option Index 电压选择 Voltage options 0-10V, 0-100V
温度采集范围 Temperature Acquisition Range 0~1200℃
电压、温度精度 Voltage/Temperature Accuracy ±%FS
电压分辨率 Voltage Resolution 1mv
温度分辨率 Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
主要技术指标 Major Technical Index 速度 Speed 0~40mm/min(可调 adjustable)
挤压行程 Compression Stroke 0~300mm范围内可选 Select within 0~300mm
结构 Structure 立式、卧式(可根据实际尺寸选择)vertical, horizontal type (select according to the actual size)
试验条件 Test Conditions 作用力大约13KN,一旦达到最大压力即可泄压 Applied force is approximately 13KN; when it reach the max. value, the air press can be released.
挤压方式 Compression Method 横向、纵向 Transverse, Longitudinal
挤压变形量 Compression Deformation 无(如需要则需另选电脑控制系统系列) Non (if needed, please select computer-control system series)
挤压保持时间 Compression Retaining Time 0~99小时99分99秒 0-99hrs99mins99secs
驱动方式 Dive Method 液压 Hydraulic
挤压精度 Needling Accuracy 1%
结构 Structure 箱体 Cabinet 立式或卧式结构与控制部分分开 Vertical structure is separated from control part
通讯 Communication 无(如需要则需另选电脑控制系列) Non (if needed, please select computer-control system series)
挤压夹具 Communication 平面挤压盘,可根据不同标准选配不同夹具 Flat compression plate, can select fixture as per specific standard.
数据采集模块 Data Acquisition Module 独立远程采集隔离,多路电压、温度、电流采集通道、确保数据无误(选配)Independent remote acquisition isolation; multiple-channel voltage, temperature, current acquisition channel;
通道数量标配 Equipped Channel Number 2通道、4通道、8通道,多种数据采集系统(选配)2 channels, 4 channels, 8 channels, multiple data acquisition system(optional)
摄像监控系统 Monitoring System 测试区域装配高清摄像监控系统,并可远程控制,具有防爆功能(选配)Test area equipped with HD monitoring system, with remote control, and explosion-proof function(optional)
标准配置 Standard Configure 挤压主机1套,控制柜1套,挤压盘1个 Host computer 1 set, controller cabinet 1set, compression plate 1 set
测试夹具 Test Fixture 特定制作,根据样品实际使用条件而定Specific production, according to the actual using conditions of sample.
电源电压 Power Supply AC 380V 50Hz 三相五线制 three phases five wires
使用环境 Operation Ambiance 0~45℃


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